For every job, we have the right equipment

Who we are

PSC Group s.a.l is a trading company headquartered in Beirut, Lebanon and specialized in the following key sectors:

  • Construction
  • Industrial
  • Environmental

We ensure the best quality of service to our customers and we provide comprehensive advice and support. We assist our customers through the entire process by helping them chose the right machine for the job, to its commissioning, development, and engineering.

Vision & Mission

With more than a decade of experience, PSC Group s.a.l aims to be the undisputed leader in the construction, industrial and environmental trading industries, offering our customers the best in innovative equipment and reliable products and services anytime, anywhere.

Our mission aims at:

  • Delivering the highest standards of customer satisfaction through consistent quality of products and outstanding technical expertise.
  • Securing our competitive edge in the industries in which we operate through efficient operations and operational excellence.
  • Maintaining and reinforcing our relationships with our existing suppliers and continuously seeking new partners.
  • Investing in our people and keeping them abreast of the latest industry updates through training and attendance of international fairs.


Our staff consists of dedicated professionals providing maintenance, support and sales/after sales services.

It includes mechanical engineers, hydraulic and electrical Engineers with strong technical know-how and expertise, as well as sales people and a 24/24 after sales service team readily available to serve clients by promptly identifying their needs and suggesting the best solutions.